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  Founded in 1965, the company has grown into a production base of Yunnan pressure vessels and other chemical equipment, as well as the only professional manufacturer of pressure vessels with the high pressure vessel design, manufacturing qualification in Yunnan Province. As a key backbone enterprise of Yunnan Province engaged in design, manufacture, and installation of petroleum chemical equipment and pressure vessels, the company obtained the I, II, and III Design, Manufacture and Installation License of Low-Intermediate-high Pressure Vessel (D1, D2, A2, A1 High Pressure) by Boiler Pressure Vessel Safety Supervisory Bureau of State General Administration for Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and Pressure Pipe Installation License, Gas Equipment Pipe Engineering Installation License, Export Product Packaging Quality License, Production License of Hazardous Article, Packing Material and Vessel, Installation Qualification Certificate and Chemical Anticorrosion Construction Qualification Certificate by Yunnan Province.

  With profound technological and equipment strength, the company completes its sound and scientific quality guarantee system, adopts advanced inspection equipment and complete inspection methods, and boasts a professional technician team of matching, abundant comprehensive strengths and a skillful, responsible worker team; with strong product R&D capacity and high technological level, the company has realized 100% CAD and computer plotting and utilized SW6 calculating software and PVCAD design software to guarantee the design quality and efficiency.
  The company now is staffed with 280 employees, including 76 engineering technicians, 9 senior engineers, 21 engineers, 36 assistant engineers, 12 professional designers, 10 NDT testers, and 52 welders with qualifications, and equipped with 100011t oil press, 30*3000 bending roll, 5m vertical lathe, 18m*5.5m*7m thermal treatment furnace, various automatic welding machines, traveling crane with lifting capacity of 105P t, advanced X-ray and y-ray detectoscope, etc.
  In Sep. 2008, the Relocation and Technological Improvement Project invested RMB 128 million was finished and the new factory is located in No. 12—1, Information Industry Base of Kunming National Economic Technological Development Zone, occupying a land area of 46,669㎡, a workshop area of 24,000㎡and an office and laboratory area of 3,000㎡. After the project, the enterprise is greatly bettered and upgraded in production condition, environment, and production capacity with the annual output capacity up to 100,000t to satisfy the market demands and show the world a brand new enterprise full of vigor and energy
  Covering the industries of chemical, metallurgy, mineral dressing, medicine, food, light industry, packaging, and biology, our products mainly include various pressure vessels and other machinery products produced by various materials, such as high pressure vessel, reaction vessel, heat exchanger, separation vessel and storage vessel, as well as various metal equipment and structures for metallurgy industry, e.g. manufacturing and installation of various medium storage tank, air storage tank, steam header, heat exchanger, water leg, pressure pipe, various metal structure manufacturing and installation; 6.5~200M’ liquefied petroleum gas storage tank design and production and liquefied petroleum gas distribution station installation; sulfate equipment production and installation; various metal pail packs; plate-and-frame filter press, centrifugal machine and various non-metal chemical equipment manufacturing and installation; series container tobacco leaf baking machine, etc. For over 40 years, the company has successively contracted to build dozens of national and provincial (municipal) large-medium-small key construction projects, established long-term friendly cooperative relationships and won the honor of “Contract-honoring & Promise-keeping Unit” from the provincial and municipal government for successive 16 years. Partial copartners and typical cases are:
 Metallurgy: Yunnan Chihong Zinc & Germanium Co., Ltd., Kunming Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd., Yunnan Copper Industry Co., Ltd., and Chongqing Heavy Machinery Research Institution and so on;
 Chemical Industry: Yunnan Zhanyi Chemical Fertilizer Factory, Yunnan Phosphate Fertilizer Industrial Base, Yunnan Dongfeng Nitrogen Fertilizer Factory, Yunnan Kunyang Phosphate Fertilizer Factory, Luquan Phosphate Factory, Gejiu Jinxing Chemical Factory, Xundian Phosphate Fertilizer Factory, Chongqing Huaqiang Chemical Fertilizer Co., Ltd., Shiping Phosphate Factory, Hekou Phosphate Factory, and Zhukun Liberation Army Chemical Fertilizer Factory, etc.
  Light Industry: Luliang Yinhe Paper Industry Co., Ltd. and Kunming Acetate Fiber Co., Ltd. and so on;
  Tobacco: Kunming Cigarette Factory, Yunnan Hongta Group, Qujing Cigarette Factory, etc.
  Medicine: Yunnan Baiyao Group Co., Ltd., Kunming Chinese Medicine Factory Co., Ltd., Double Nine Group, and Tianzihong Pharmaceutical Factory and so on;
  Biology: Luliang Tongfa Biology Co., Ltd., Yunnan Hande Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and Kunming Huali Fragrance & Flavor Factory, etc.
 Municipal Engineering: Passenger Foot-bridge of Tangzi Lane, Overpass Girder of Xiaocaiyuan, 1,000 m³ Liquefied Petroleum Gas Distribution Station of Yunnan Huayang Liquefied Petroleum Gas Co., Ltd., H-type Steel and Roof Encaustic Title Production and Installation for Kunming Huayang Household Mall, Steel Box Girder Long-span Bridge Manufacturing and Installation of Kunming Zhujia Village Overpasses (4), Arch Steel Box Girder Manufacturing and Installation of Xingsheng Bridge in Dali Xier River and Passenger Foot-bridge Manufacturing and Installation of Guangfu Road.
  Tourism: Preparation of Major Float for Kunming International Tourism Festival, Main Colored Lantern Manufacturing of Anning Hot Spring Colored Lantern Festival, Stage Structure Transmission Design and Manufacturing for Yang Liping’s Touring Performance, and so on;
  Hydropower and Thermal Power: Burma Zi Chaung Hydropower Station, Longling Suck-back Flood Hydraulic Engineering, Yangzong Sea Power Plant, and Yunnan Xiaolongtan Power Plant, and so on.
  Over the years, the company has attached much importance to product development, insisted on the quality principle of “Quality-oriented, Safety-first, Innovation-improved”, firmly set up the operation principle of “Credit-honoring, Promise-keeping, Quality-superior, Service-excellent”, and provided customers with a large quantity of excellent chemical equipment, fittings and other devices, thus winning a good reputation among the customers. Its products have been sold in more than 20 provinces and cities in China and exported to Japan, Australia, Germany and Southeast Asia. The company used to successfully cooperate with Germany UHD Company, Finland Ahlstrom Company, Sino-American joint venture Kunming Cellulose Fibers Co., Ltd., Sino-Swedish joint venture Kunming Perfumery Co., Ltd., Sino-Korean Kunming Jinyang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. as well as many transnational companies of Taiwan, Vietnam and Burma, providing a lot of excellent equipment and winning a good reputation.
  This company is willing to make use of advantages and every accessible channel to proactively expand the economic and technical cooperation with friends at home and abroad as well as personages of industrial and commercial circles and strive for supplying sincere services for customers and making contributions for the promotion of China’s equipment manufacturing industry.
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